13 signs you are a backpacker in your late twenties

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On our current trip exploring South America, we were struck by the differences of travelling as slightly older backpackers pushing 30. Here are a few differences we found in comparison to our backpacking days in our early 20s…

  1. You are that irritating person who says to younger backpackers things like ‘I remember the first time I went travelling, there were no smart phones and we had to go to internet cafes’.
  2. You are baffled by how much time people spend on their smart phones, laptops, tablets – really anything electronic. Breakfast is a time for tucking into the hostel breakfast and gossiping about the previous night’s activities, not gazing like a zombie at your Facebook newsfeed.
  3. Your back seems to hurt all the time – everything causes you grief; from the ridiculously heavy backpack to the lumpy mattresses and long bus journeys…you would give anything for your smart wheelie case and a good undisturbed night’s sleep on your magical mattress cover with inbuilt electric blanket.
  4. Staying in dorm rooms is no longer a ‘fun way to meet people’ but rather you wait in dread for the ten others in your dorm to come back drunk from a night out at 6am and for one of them to either wet the bed or be sick.
  5. Sex in dorm rooms is just not acceptable. Ever.
  6. There is no longer the constant desire to go out every night and dance on tables. It is much more appealing to curl up on the bottom bunk with the latest Netflix series and a hot tea.
  7. You have swapped nightly jäger bombs or goon for a glass of fine wine or locally brewed craft beer.
  8. You miss your monthly book club at home, to the point where the girls Skype you in to discuss the latest best seller.
  9. You always have to be aware of the closest pharmacy as you will inevitably need to pop in to collect something for your various ailments. Why is paracetamol not the same in every country?…and for the love of god where is the Imodium?
  10. Going out until the early hours has become less of a priority, being awake to go hiking or to catch the early morning walking tour is now much more important. You usually leave the dorm before anyone has got in from clubbing.
  11. Having your own room is the Holy Grail.
  12. Now having had some experience of luxury hotels where there are not only white fluffy towels and a jacuzzi bath but a luxury spa as well, hostels have suddenly lost their appeal.
  13. You can no longer go for weeks living off pasta with tomato sauce and salami. You are that person trying to concoct a Deliciously Ella dish or, failing that, justifying to yourself that going out for dinner AGAIN is definitely acceptable.

Anyone else feel like this or noticed similar signs? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “13 signs you are a backpacker in your late twenties”

  1. Haha! So true! I have moments where I can pretend I’m in my early twenties again and one night later, nope! 😉 Love following along! Enjoy it as long as you can, despite missing some of the niceties of home!!

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