14 Signs You Have Travelled in South America

Machu Picchu
  1. You have accumulated at least three fake alpaca jumpers and now look identical to every other backpacker in South America

    Peruvian Jumpers in Cusco
    Matching Peruvian jumpers in Cusco
  2. Your rucksack is filled with llamas… llama pens, llama key rings, llama toys. You now are carrying more llamas than socks

    So many llamas
  3. You took Spanish classes at Beehive Hostel in Sucre, Bolivia and yet still only seem to be able to say ‘Hola’ and order a glass of wine. Unless you’re Pete and are miraculously fluent after seven months and can have debates about Brexit and religion with Latinos on long car journeys
  4. You’ve stayed at either Loki Hostel or Wild Rover and got dragged up on to the bar to dance at least once

    New Year's Eve in Cusco at Wild Rover
    New Year’s Eve in Cusco at Wild Rover
  5. You have had salsa lessons and after a few Pisco sours think you’ve really got the hang of the steps and swaying your hips. Until your partner screams in agony when you step on his toes. Sorry Pete
  6. You have an entire album of failed perception shots of the Salt Flats. How does everyone make it look so easy?

    Failed Salt Flats Photo
    Failure on the Salt Flats
  7. Your rucksack has holes in it from mice attacks in Torres del Paine. That damn sachet of ketchup in the front pocket you forgot about!
  8. Wine tasting is a common occurrence and you now seem to know (or pretend to know) a lot about the differences between Chilean and Argentinean wines. You say things like ‘Well, although I’m partial to a Malbec, I much prefer a Chilean dry white’. When in reality, you are mainly drinking boxed wine, only mildly better than goon

    Wine tasting in Mendoza
    Wine tasting in Mendoza
  9. You still aren’t entirely sure if you actually like dulce de leche but you eat it every morning for breakfast anyway
  10. You also don’t like mate. Why does everyone in Uruguay carry it everywhere they go including the supermarket?
  11. You still don’t know if you prefer the Argentinean or Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls
    Iguazu Falls – The Argentinian side
  12. You are now ‘late’ for every event, but are still the first person there
  13. You’ve got used to being the first person awake every morning and are still baffled that nothing seems to open until 10am and then shuts again at 1pm
  14. You have a selfie with a llama

    Llama selfie in Cusco
    Llama selfie in Cusco

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