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Pete & Antie in Santiago

We met in glamorous Newcastle at a travel blogging conference, run by the lovely people at Traverse Events. Neither of us had more than a few hours notice that we were about to be introduced, let alone get together over the coming weekend.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem to matter and in front of a group of about 30 good friends, travel bloggers and general all round awesome people, we got together for the first time in Floraditas, apparently a Geordie Shore hang-out. Next stop, the nearest chicken shop and Antonia forced Pete to buy her chicken. Clearly a winning recipe, as more than 18 months later, we’re still here and planning some big adventures together!

Writing this About Us page proved to be fairly challenging as neither of us really likes to write about ourselves. Instead, we wrote about each other. Here’s hoping we know each other well!

About Pete…

It’s cliche, but I guess you could say that our mutual love of travel brought us together. I have been working in travel PR for over four years and Pete works in travel Product and Marketing. Therefore, I feel that it was inevitable that 18 months later I would have finally convinced Pete to start our own blog. Despite his initial reluctance.

Pete in Yosemite
Pete in Yosemite

Although born in Chichester, Pete spent the first year of his life living in Pakistan. He has also lived in France, Morocco (briefly) and spent six months doing the traditional gap year route across Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the States. Not to mention uncountable ski trips and various travels in Europe and Africa.

Some important facts to know about Pete –

  • Pete has extremely eclectic taste in music and impressive musical knowledge. You will find him at gigs or festivals listening to everything and anything including metal, classic, rock, jazz, soul, folk and rap. The only thing he has a mild intolerance to is white boy reggae.
  • I am always impressed by the fact that Pete doesn’t drink. When we first started dating, I thought there was something seriously wrong… was he an alcoholic, had he had a horrendous experience, or just allergic? The truth actually is something far less sinister or unusual – he simply doesn’t like being drunk. Although, I think I am a bad influence, he does enjoy the occasional nice glass of wine of interesting beer. Noticeable more over the last 18 months…
  • Even as a non-drinker, Pete can show-off some impressive shapes on the dance floor. He can put most boys to shame with his adventurous moves.
  • I really love that Pete has managed to continue speaking French, which he learnt at university and on his year abroad in Grenoble. He also is superb at accents and always puts mine to shame.

In summary, Pete is usually to be found, sober at a gig showing off his ridiculous dance moves and quite likely somewhere exotic and random like…Newcastle!

About Antie…

It turns out Antie is even better travelled than I am, having been born in Singapore and spending the full two years living and ‘working’ in Australia. To say nothing of extensive travels in Asia when she was quite young and a year spent in Canada studying too.

Antie jumping into Lake Rotoiti
Antie jumping into Lake Rotoiti

This has meant we’ve found it difficult to find countries that we have either not been to or want to go to, for holidays. What a curse!

Working in travel PR, she’s always swanning off to some sunny destination leaving me behind in Blighty. Fortunately we do manage to squeeze in the odd holiday to the likes of France for skiing, Montenegro for an eventful long weekend and even exotic Devon.

Pete & Antie in the Frenchman's Valley
Us in Frenchman’s Valley, Torres del Paine NP

Some facts about Antie –

  • She is truly obsessed with animals. The sight of a cat on a street corner will have her rushing off in hot pursuit, often with mixed results
  • Although born in Singapore, she grew up in and around Bath, so is a country girl at heart and takes every opportunity she can to get back there
  • She is mildly dyslexic resulting in some hilarious mispronunciations

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  1. Hey guys! Nice blog 🙂 came across it through the Our Fav Bloggers For 2016 post from A Brit and A Broad. Cute story of how you met! And even better you are planning more adventures together 🙂 Look forward to following your blog in 2016 🙂

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