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The Philae Cruiser

The Cyplon Nile Experience

We recently travelled to Egypt with Cyplon Holidays to experience their luxury Nile cruise offering, and it would be fair to say the Philae, the ship we travelled on and Oberoi’s newest Nile cruiser, far exceeded our expectations. We found out towards the end of our time on board that not only […]

Bastet - Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess

Cats in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt fascinates me for many reasons including their idolisation of over 1,400 different Gods and Goddesses, their all-consuming obsession with life-after-death, the process of mummification, and most importantly their complete adoration for cats. I sometimes get the feeling I was born in the wrong era and due to my unwavering love of all felines […]

Pyramids at Giza

Top Ten Tips for Travel in Egypt

Pete & Antonia were guests of Cyplon Holidays and EgyptAir on this trip to Egypt. All views our own. 1. Cruise – Doing a four-night Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan on the Oberoi Philae has definitely changed my mind about cruises and is a must-do whilst in Egypt. It is a […]

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Go To Egypt Now

I have to admit the very first thing Pete and I did after receiving an invitation to go on a week-long trip to Egypt was to ask each other ‘This sounds amazing…but is it safe?’ and then immediately check the FCO website. We felt reassured after reading the advise that it is safe to travel to all areas […]