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Sailing Paradise with San Blas Adventures

The word paradise is thrown around quite a bit. Thailand’s islands, the Maldives, maybe Bora Bora. Most, however, come with a hefty price tag and aren’t wonderful examples of responsible tourism. The San Blas Islands, however, have managed to combine elements of all those. This is thanks, largely, to the […]

View from Guatape Rock

Top 10 Tips for Travelling Colombia

We spent a month or so in Colombia, spending time in a wide variety of places, environments and cities. From Capurgana on the Caribbean coast, to Bogota and finally to Leticia in the heart of the Amazon. Along the way, we inevitably learnt a few things that might come in handy […]

Panama City skyline

Panama City – Where Old Meets New

We hadn’t really planned to go to Panama City when initially talking about the route we were going to take, but that changed fairly swiftly when we found out about the San Blas Islands (more on them in a separate post). So, we changed our route and first up, was […]