Live Like a Local in Lima

Magic Circuit Fountains, Lima

A quick bit of history…

Kat and I (Pete) first met in Pakistan at the age of somewhere around a year old, while our parents were working there. The picture below is the last time I saw or spoke to her in any fashion. Thankfully, she’s got Texan hospitality in her bones and leapt at the chance to meet up and very kindly hosted us in Lima.

Pete & Kat in Pakistan
Kat (L) & Pete (M) in Pakistan c. 1988

Here’s what she has to say about Lima:

What took you to Lima and how long have you lived there?

My husband and I came to Lima for our teaching jobs- his at an American school and mine at a Peruvian school. We are in our fourth year in Peru now.

Lima traffic
Lima traffic

Which part of the city would you recommend staying in if you’re visiting?

I would recommend staying in Miraflores to anyone visiting. It is the most touristy area but also the best area, in my opinion, to safely walk around and see things. There are ruins, the coast, shopping, restaurants, and cabs to anywhere else you may want to go.

Sign outside the Chocolate Museum
Signs of alien invasion outside the Chocolate Museum in Lima

Where are your favourite places to eat?

My favorite restaurants are: El Veredico de Fidel (ceviche and Peruvian), La Mar (ceviche), La Lucha (sandwiches), Papachos hamburgers, Pescados Capitales (ceviche), La Bodega de Trattoria (Peruvian-Italian), and Mango’s weekend brunch.

Lima's Plaza de Armas
Lima’s Plaza de Armas

What’s your favourite thing to do with guests in Lima?

My favourite thing to do with guests is definitely eating 🙂

Savannah enjoying La Mar
Coincidentally, it’s also Savannah, Kat’s daughter’s favourite thing to do too

When is the best time of year to visit?

My family visits in May each year and the weather is usually just about perfect- just ending summer and beginning winter, so cool but not gray yet.

Magic Circuit fountain show Lima
The Circuito Magico fountain show in Lima

If you only had 48 hours in Lima, what would you recommend visitors do?

If You had 48 hours to visit Lima, I would recommend that you visit as many restaurants as your stomach can hold, the Huaca Pucllana, walk the Malecón, do a Mirabus night tour and see the magic fountains, and wander through Miraflores and Parque Kennedy.

Ceviche at La Mar
Ceviche at La Mar

And finally, what is your secret top tip?

My secret top tip would be to be very aware of your surroundings and belongings. Lima is overall pretty safe but petty crime is pretty common, so not holding your cell phone out, not getting into a cab super inebriated, not taking cash out on the streets, and not putting your purse on the back of your chair are things to think about 🙂 be safe and have fun!!

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