Live like a Local in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv

In April 2012 Antonia went on an amazing trip to Israel with three friends. You can read more about her explorations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem here.

We went to visit our friend Tal from university who moved to Herzliya (a city just north of Tel Aviv) to continue studying.

Tal hasn’t looked back and has now been living in Israel for over four years. He (and his lovely fiancé Amy) have kindly answered some questions to give us some fantastic tips on what to do, where to visit and most importantly where to eat…

Why did you decide to move to Israel?

I found an amazing MA in Organizational Behavior (taught in English) and thought: why not study in English whilst living it up in Israel!

What’s the night life like in Tel Aviv?

The nightlife here is very special! You could go out at 11pm and bars would be empty.. come back an hour later and it’s packed! You can go to a beach-side open air ‘trendy’ club, or an underground techno/house club. There are theatrical shows, street-side pop-up restaurants, small live music venues, and everything in between. And if you don’t feel like partying and going crazy, you can join the majority of the locals and sit at a cafe until the early hours (honestly, there’s a cafe around the corner from me that is pretty much open 24hrs – I once came back from a night out clubbing, around 4am, and people were still sitting around, drinking coffee and talking about politics or whatever! In terms of actual places: The Block, Breakfast Club, Buxa, Clara, Bootleg, Cat + Dog, and any street-side bar on Dizengoff, or Rothschild Boulevard.

night out in Tel Aviv
Us after one too many shots of Arak…

Where would you recommend someone visiting Tel Aviv eats?

Love this question! Shila, Weinberg, Segev Express, Kitchen Market, Tapas Echad Ha’am, Popina, Hummus Abu Hassan, Aboulafia (in Jaffa- The rooftop terrace which I took Antonia and the girls to when they came to visit!)… there’s so much more!

So many colourful spices!

If you only had a weekend to spend in Tel Aviv, what would be the absolutely essential things for a visitor to do?

Go to a hummus bar, relax on the beach, stroll along Rothschild Boulevard and go to the Shuk HaCarmel (Carmel Market).

Where, outside of Tel Aviv, would you recommend visiting in Israel?

There are so many places you must visit! But in general –

  • Jerusalem and the Old City
  • Head down to the south – Desert vibe, visit Mitzpe Ramon (viewpoint over a huge crater), Masada (google it!), Ein Gedi (nature reserve and waterfalls in the desert!), Eilat (sun fun hotels bars and amazing for diving)
  • Head up north: Caesaria (old Roman seaside fort), Sea of Gallilee (beautiful, interesting for Christians, also lots of fun things like jeep treks and hiking)
  • The Bahai botanical gardens in Haifa

There is so much more, but that will keep you busy!

Jerusalem looking pretty special

What’s your secret locals tip for things to do in Tel Aviv that you wouldn’t find otherwise?

You must visit a bar/club called Kuli Alma, very cool vibe. Also there is an amazing wine bar called ‘Par Derrier’.

Tel Aviv
We can see why Tal loves it here in Tel Aviv…

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