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Vietnam Photo Essay

Pete put together a photo essay from our recent trip to Vietnam. Here are some of his best, charting what we got up to while we were there.

A Survival Guide to Travelling in India…with IBS

I have had IBS since I was about 19 and travelling can be difficult and at times really painful/ embarrassing! I have a couple of close friends with IBS who get very anxious about the prospect of even going on holiday somewhere in the UK let alone Asia or god […]

The Full English

Brockwell Lido Cafe Brunch

Saturday and/or Sunday mornings really require one thing – brunch. Now, the secret to a good brunch is that it has to be within easy reach (no one likes to have to go far in those early hours of the weekend or when hungover) and ideally serve a really good […]

Pete in Meribel

A Week Skiing in Meribel

Despite what Dr. Johnson may have said about London, there does come a point when it is necessary to leave. If only for a short period and for a good reason, (skiing is as good a reason as any!) it is necessary. Even if it is only to remind yourself […]

Perast Boat

A Long Weekend in Montenegro

Could you point out Montenegro on a map? I’m not sure I could have done at the start of 2015. All I really knew was that it’s a tiny country in Eastern Europe, that had supposedly been the location for the climax of Casino Royale and a friend over at […]

Kotor, the scene of the crime

Surviving a Morning in a Montenegrin Court

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read my post on spending A Long Weekend in Montenegro and know that somewhere along the line, right around Kotor, I had to go to a Montenegrin court for a morning. You should know that nobody was hurt in this story, that’s pretty important. […]