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Pete in Meribel

A Week Skiing in Meribel

Despite what Dr. Johnson may have said about London, there does come a point when it is necessary to leave. If only for a short period and for a good reason, (skiing is as good a reason as any!) it is necessary. Even if it is only to remind yourself […]

Perast Boat

A Long Weekend in Montenegro

Could you point out Montenegro on a map? I’m not sure I could have done at the start of 2015. All I really knew was that it’s a tiny country in Eastern Europe, that had supposedly been the location for the climax of Casino Royale and a friend over at […]

Kotor, the scene of the crime

Surviving a Morning in a Montenegrin Court

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read my post on spending A Long Weekend in Montenegro and know that somewhere along the line, right around Kotor, I had to go to a Montenegrin court for a morning. You should know that nobody was hurt in this story, that’s pretty important. […]

New York steam

The Day We Turned Left to New York

I have always imagined First Class as a magical land of satin eye masks, cosy pajamas, comfortable fold-out beds and mouth-watering food on real plates. The latest Emirates advert featuring Jennifer Anderson has also alerted me to showers and a bar! Until last week, it has always been completely unattainable […]

Mui Ne Beach

How to Travel Vietnam in Two Weeks

Vietnam may not look it on the map, but it is a big country. To travel from one end to the other is a journey of several thousand kilometres and takes quite a while. If you’re short on time, as we were, and find yourself with only a couple of […]

A Visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

As a self-confessed crazy cat lady you can imagine my excitement when my friend told me she was taking me for my birthday to the Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium for a night of yoga and cat cuddles.   The cat café opened in Shoreditch last year and is the latest […]