Seven Types of Traveller You May Meet in South America

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  1. The douchebag – Usually sporting insanely long dreadlocks, wearing a a singlet and travelling the globe with a ukulele or out-of-tune guitar hoisted under one arm. If you haven’t got the douchebag vibe just from sight or smell, after an initial conversation it will start to become obvious. They will have probably grown up in the home counties and say things like ‘This one time when I travelled the Darian Gap’ or ‘You haven’t lived until you have tried Ayahuasca in the Amazon’. Those of you who have seen The Inbetweeners Movie 2 will have some of an idea of the type of person who falls under this category.

    Ben from the Inbetweeners 2
    Ben from The Inbetweeners Movie 2 – the travelling douchebag, we all know him…
  2. That girl – You hear faint giggling behind you on the bus and shut your eyes for the hundredth time. It’s that girl again. The one you see everywhere but who never talks to you because you aren’t a man or single. She can be found licking a jelly shot from a guys belly button on a bar and then having loud sex on the bottom bunk. I’m sure she’s a lovely person…when you get to know her.

    That girl…
  3. The old guy – There is always one in every hostel. He is over the age of 50 and stays in dorm rooms. He always likes a chat and tells you all about his recent divorce and how he is reliving his youth and trying to find himself. Finding pictures of old men in hostels is either a case of them being way too creepy, or way too personal, so… use your imagination for this one.
  4. The hikers – Even if you are in the centre of one of the biggest cities in the world, without a mountain in sight, the hikers will be fully equipped with zip-off walking trousers (both Pete and I own a pair much to my dismay), a North Face puffer and walking boots. They will frequently sip from their CamelBak peaking out of the top of the latest Osprey day pack and will look for any opportunity to get out of said city to the surrounding countryside.

    The hikers
    Alright, so it’s not in a city, but look at those hikers!
  5. The lads – After arriving in town they will automatically know the best place to buy coke and exactly the location of Route 36 in La Paz, the infamous coke bar. They can be found dancing on bars in hostel bars or hungover watching football in pubs during the day. They are usually great fun until they start losing at beer pong and then things can get nasty…

    The lads
    Lads. Lads. Lads. (No coke knowledge and no hate post-beer pong, just lots of dancing – Pete and the boys on their gap year)
  6. The gap-yah kid – If you haven’t seen the gap-yah video then you are missing out. It is a classic, ironic rendition of the stereotypical 18 year old traveller who has just left school and is volunteering to help save the world. There is a surprising lack of them roaming the South American continent, I think most tend to head to South East Asia and Australia.
  7. The couple – (yes we are aware we fall into this bracket) – you will be attempting to listen to the guide of the free city walking tour but keep getting distracted by occasional slurping noises coming from your right-hand-side. Rather than listening to the fascinating history of the Incas or the colonial Spanish rule, the couple next to you are snogging their hearts out as if they are in Oceana on a drunken Saturday night, rather than an early Saturday morning in the middle of town surrounded by people. Thankfully, due to our rather repressed British nature, the idea of following suit makes us shudder with disgust *gives judging glance*.

    The backpacker couple
    That couple…

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