Our South (and Central) America Route

Us in New York

By now, most of you will probably know this, but just in case you don’t here it is in brief – after months and months of keeping it secret, we’ve both handed in our notices at work, begun the huge chore of sorting and getting rid of stuff we don’t need and have booked flights into Panama City and out of Buenos Aires nearly seven months later.

The Route

Basically it’s as follows:

Panama > Colombia > Peru > Bolivia > Chile > Argentina

We’ve only actually booked a few things, mostly at the beginning of the trip, and the Inca Trail, because you have to book that months in advance if you want to do it.

The stuff we’ve booked at the start of the trip, is a few nights accommodation in Panama City to start us off on the right foot and then sailing from Panama to Colombia, via the San Blas Islands with San Blas Adventures. We don’t have any pictures yet, but trust us, they’re exactly what you’d think of when it comes to paradise, Caribbean islands. If you need more than that, have a read of This Battered Suitcase’s piece on it. That post is no small part of the reason we’re doing it.

From there, we plan to split our time roughly evenly between Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Although nothing is set in stone, so we may well end up spending more time in one place than we’d planned!


As mentioned before, the only other thing we’ve got booked is the Inca Trail. So, if you’re looking for a point to come and join us somewhere, that’s probably the best one. We’re doing it on the 18th December. It’s a four day, three night trek, with a healthy dose of high altitude and amazing views.

Beyond that point, your guess is as good as ours! There are a bunch of things we want to do, such as some WWOOFing in Chile and Argentina, so we’ll need quite a bit of time for that, but we don’t have anything definitely organised.

We also hope to either drive or hitch hike the Carretera Austral through southern Chile, trek the full Q circuit of the Torres del Paine, visit the Cuidad Perdida in Colombia and obviously things like the Salt Flats in Bolivia and the Amazon.

If there’s anything you know of that we just have to do, let us know! Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or comment below. The more recommendations the better!

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