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Birds in the Amazon

Animals in the amazon

Those of you who know us, read our blog and follow us on social media, are probably aware that we (well, mainly me, Antie) are a little bit animal obsessed. I was that crazy kid who ran after dogs in the park, hugged every cat in sight and traumatised hamsters. […]

Our San Blas Group

Seven Types of Traveller You May Meet in South America

The douchebag – Usually sporting insanely long dreadlocks, wearing a a singlet and travelling the globe with a ukulele or out-of-tune guitar hoisted under one arm. If you haven’t got the douchebag vibe just from sight or smell, after an initial conversation it will start to become obvious. They will […]


Hostels & Glamping in Lake Bled

During our two-night stay in Lake Bled over the May bank holiday we experienced two very different and equally amazing accommodation offerings. We spent the first three-nights at Jazz Hostel & Apartments and for the final night we splashed out on glamping at SAVA Hotels & Resorts. This is why we loved them and […]


24 Hours in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana (as well as being one of the hardest capital cities to spell…) has been awarded the Green Capital of Europe title for 2016 by the European Commission and it’s not hard to see why. The cobbled streets of the Old Town are pedestrianised and it is easy to slip […]