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Towel elephant!

Eight Travel ‘Luxuries’ That Keep You Sane On the Road

Travel is, fairly obviously, a luxury in and of itself. There are, however, little luxuries you encounter while travelling that make a huge difference, particularly if you are travelling longer term, or on a budget. Often you may not have even noticed them, but rather the absence of them on […]

Eco Quechua sign

One of Peru’s Best Kept Secrets – An Eco Lodge Experience

Trains aren’t a common sight in South America, or at least, they aren’t now. Gone are the days when Paul Theroux could take trains all the way from Boston to Patagonia. There is, however, one notable exception – the train that ferries passengers, for a not inconsiderable sum, from Ollantaytambo […]

The Philae Cruiser

The Cyplon Nile Experience

We recently travelled to Egypt with Cyplon Holidays to experience their luxury Nile cruise offering, and it would be fair to say the Philae, the ship we travelled on and Oberoi’s newest Nile cruiser, far exceeded our expectations. We found out towards the end of our time on board that not only […]

Lucknam Park

A Lazy Spa Day at Lucknam Park

Arriving at Lucknam Park is an experience itself. The long driveway is lined with beech and lime trees and as the 17th century Palladian mansion appears you can’t help but feel you have been transported into a Jane Austen novel or an episode of Downton. I have been lucky enough […]