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Magic Circuit Fountains, Lima

Live Like a Local in Lima

A quick bit of history… Kat and I (Pete) first met in Pakistan at the age of somewhere around a year old, while our parents were working there. The picture below is the last time I saw or spoke to her in any fashion. Thankfully, she’s got Texan hospitality in […]

View from Guatape Rock

Top 10 Tips for Travelling Colombia

We spent a month or so in Colombia, spending time in a wide variety of places, environments and cities. From Capurgana on the Caribbean coast, to Bogota and finally to Leticia in the heart of the Amazon. Along the way, we inevitably learnt a few things that might come in handy […]

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Go To Egypt Now

I have to admit the very first thing Pete and I did after receiving an invitation to go on a week-long trip to Egypt was to ask each other ‘This sounds amazing…but is it safe?’ and then immediately check the FCO website. We felt reassured after reading the advise that it is safe to travel to all areas […]

Ha Long Bay at Sunset

Top 10 Tips for Vietnam

We just got back from two weeks in Vietnam and with it fresh in our mind thought we’d share with you our top ten 10 tips for travelling this beautiful South East Asian country. 1. Most hostels/hotels in Vietnam will email you once you book and offer to send someone […]