Travel Tips

Everyone has questions when they’re going travelling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going somewhere nearby for a weekend away, or travelling around the world long term. There’s always stuff you’re going to want to know before you go.

We’re starting to build our own collection of pieces that we think might be useful to you, and this is where you’ll find them. We’ve already got a lot of advice from our friends who live in interesting places around the globe, that we call Live Like a Local. These are the tips that our friends have gathered after spending some time, often their whole lives in a place. When you spend a long time somewhere you get to know it at a level that no one else really can.

As well as tips that relate to places we’ve been, there are bound to be things to do with packing that you’ll want to know, or even just simple advice on what sort of camera kit you might need to take while travelling. If there’s anything we’ve not thought of that you want to know about, drop us a line and let us know!

Live Like a Local

You can’t beat local advice. Read more on the advice from our friends who are lucky enough to live around the world.

Travel Advice

We’re building a library of all the things we’ve learnt along the way and are compiling it all here. From cameras to flights, it’s all here!

 Packing Lists

What are we taking to South America? Here are our recommendations for his and hers packing lists.