Where Have We Been?

Hi, and welcome to the bit of the site where we tell you about where we’ve been. If you’re looking for advice on a particular destination, or just fancied having a browse of what we’ve written, then you are in the right place!

Between us we’ve been to over 50 countries, across five continents, from Ireland to Iceland and have both lived in quite a few different parts of the world. Antonia has spent a year in Canada and two years living in Australia, Pete spent a year living in France and quite a bit of time in Australia too. We’re about to embark on a trip to our sixth continent and our biggest adventure yet!

Below you’ll find a map of all the places we’ve been and the ones that we’ve written about. The ones we’ve written about are in blue and you can click on them to read more. The ones we’ve been to, but haven’t yet written about are in orange.

Where have we been? Placeholder
Where have we been?